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Tiretyte is the world’s premium in-tire sealant designed as a preventative maintenance system to eliminate flat tires due to tread-area punctures and other leaks.  Tiretyte can also be used as a flat repair in most cases.  Once installed, Tiretyte provides continuous protection for the life of the tire.  Tiretyte quickly seals existing punctures and small bead and rim leaks.  Tiretyte remains fluid inside the tire, instantly and permanently sealing numerous tread-area punctures as they occur.  Tiretyte will increase tire service life and reduce tire related downtime costs on both high and low tire pressure commercial and industrial vehicles.  Tiretyte is also effective for on and off road vehicles using tubeless and tube-type tires, traveling at high and low speeds.  Tiretyte also works great for autos, trailers, RV's, ATV's, bicycles, lawn and garden equipment, riding mowers, utility & golf carts, wheelbarrows, forklifts and more! 

    Tiretyte will seal the tire to help maintain correct tire air pressure and will prevent flats from tread area punctures of 1/4" inch in diameter in tubeless tires (and often larger holes in heavy ply industrial tires), and 1/8" inch punctures in tube-type tires. This tire sealing ability makes greater dollar savings possible from:

A. Increased tread service life.
B. Lower tire maintenance, repair costs.
C. Lower downtime costs.
D. Improved fuel economy.

    Maximum tire wear and better gas mileage, plus fewer hours of expensive downtime and tire maintenance, provides significant savings.


Tiretyte is a revolutionary technology made of an ethylene-glycol based solution with artificial fibers and particulate in permanent suspension.  This solution is carefully blended with an adhesion agent and anticorrosion inhibitors to produce the worlds most advanced premium tire sealant formula.  These selected ingredients remain in permanent suspension -- there is no settling out, so no special mixing or preparation is required. Since there is virtually no evaporation inside an inflated tire, Tiretyte remains fluid to perform for the life of the tire.  It remains in permanent suspension throughout the like of the tire.  The adhesion agent in Tiretyte holds it in place, even after the tire has stopped operation, to provide continuous protection against air loss.  Tiretyte is completely water-soluble for easy clean up of hands, clothes and even the tire if retreading is desired.  Tiretyte is also nonflammable, noncombustible and biodegradable.


Tiretyte is injected into the tire through the valve stem (see installation directions).  The motion of the rotating tire causes Tiretyte to spread in all directions.  The entire surface areas of the tire cavity and the wheel are coated. When such spreading occurs, Tiretyte is placed into position to function for the life of the tire.  The adhesion agent in Tiretyte holds it in place even after the vehicle has stopped.  Tiretyte instantly seals causes of air loss, whether it is from punctures in the tread area, small rim and bead leaks, or the inevitable porosity of natural rubber. 

    Tiretyte will not cause tire imbalance, rust or corrode wheels or harm tire components.  By maintaining correct air pressure and the resultant cooling of the tire, Tiretyte can extend tire life by up to 25% or more.  Tiretyte is water-soluble for easy clean up which allows for retreading, if desired. Tiretyte is also biodegradable... so it’s considered “Green” unlike other sealants.

    After the tire is punctured, Tiretyte enters the wound.  This instantly forms a temporary seal to stop air loss. As the tire continues to rotate under load, the solution is squeezed out as the puncture rolls off the load point, leaving the fiber, particulate and adhesion agent in the wound. Repeated rolling under load deposits more of these components until a permanent seal is formed.  This process is repeated when the puncturing object is removed.  The tire must roll under load after the puncture to insure proper sealing.  Under actual operating conditions, this entire sealing process is almost instantaneous.  Tiretyte is designed to seal punctures in the tread area up to 1/4 inch diameter in tubeless tires (often times capable of sealing larger punctures in heavy ply industrial tires) and 1/8" inch in tube-type tires.


Installation is safe, quick and simple with our calibrated hand injection pump.  The pump fits into the top of the pail and injects 10 ounces per full stroke.  The injection pump is very durable and can easily overcome up to 50 lb. of tire pressure – there is no need to completely deflate the tire, so installation time is kept to a minimum.  Tiretyte comes ready to install, no mixing or special preparation is needed.  Instructions and a tire application chart are provided on the pail label and with each hand injection pump kit.  The pump is completely reusable and may be cleaned for storage by flushing with water, although we suggest leaving the pump in the pail for convenience.  (A high-pressure pneumatic injection system is available for high volume Tiretyte customers with large fleets.)


Tiretyte has a cooling effect on the tire.  Tiretyte reduces tire operating temperature through both correct inflation pressure maintenance and the thermal conduction affect.  Because of the variation of the internal and external friction on various parts of the tire, and since rubber is a very poor conductor of heat, there are substantial differences in temperature at various points within the tire.  The ethylene-glycol content of Tiretyte acts as a thermal conductor, transferring heat from areas of higher temperature tread area to areas of lower temperature.  This thermal distribution of heat helps to keep the overall tire temperature down during operation.  The effect of thermal conduction tends to be greater in larger, slower moving industrial and commercial tires, because of the larger areas of the side-walls that are coated with Tiretyte.  The cooling effect that Tiretyte has on the tire, results in a longer tread life.


Heat generated from under-inflated tires frequently contributes to retread separations.  Tubeless retreads may be particularly vulnerable to tread separations.  Small holes in the inner liner may be missed in the pre-retread inspection. High-pressure air passes through these small holes to the new rubber of the tread.  With its escape route cut off, air spreads out between the old casing and the new tread until separation and failure occurs.  By effectively and immediately sealing these small liner holes, Tiretyte reduces the pressure on the new tread.  As a result of using Tiretyte, the integrity of the tire casing is maintained and the full service life of the tire and casing is maximized.  Tiretyte is completely water-soluble and fully compatible with all methods and compositions used in the retread process. 

UNDER INFLATION IS THE ENEMY... TIRETYTE increases tire life and fuel economy!

Air loss can come from:

A. Tread area punctures.
B. Small rim and bead leaks and imperfections.
C. Natural porosity of rubber tires and tubes.

    The most frequent cause of tire failure is under-inflation.  Under-inflated tires increase fuel usage, run hotter, wear faster, and are much more subject to punctures and other road hazard damage.  Hot rubber simply wears faster and has less resistance to cuts and punctures.  According to the American Trucking Association, a truck tire under-inflated by just 6 lb. PSI can destroy over 10% of the overall life of the tire! (this can become extremely costly for a fleet).

    Fuel economy suffers when tires are under-inflated.  Studies show that under-inflation increases rolling resistance, which means more fuel is consumed in moving the tires and vehicle.  The difference can mean a 12% or more increase in fuel economy.  Rubber tires are relatively porous; most tires will lose air over time, some faster than others. Upon installation, after a few miles of operation, Tiretyte will virtually eliminate the slow porosity air loss and small rim and bead leaks to help maintain the proper tire air pressure for the life of the tire.


"Tiretyte Keeps Your Tires Up... And Your Costs Down!"

Product Information

TIRETYTE is simple and quick to install from a small retail size squeeze bottle, or a larger five (5) gallon pail, using our heavy duty hand injection pump.  It only takes a couple of minutes to inject TIRETYTE into any tire through the valve stem.  TIRETYTE coats the inside of the tire as the vehicle is driven and places a protective sealant barrier on your tire to stop rubber porosity air leaks, as well  as small rim and bead leaks. TIRETYTE instantly repairs and prevents flat tires and costly downtime, while increasing tire life and fuel economy.  TIRETYTE seals tread area punctures up to 1/4” inch in diameter, and often seals larger holes in higher ply tires. TIRETYTE is perfect for tube and tubeless tires on both on and off-road vehicles traveling at high and low speeds. TIRETYTE prevents costly downtime on high flat rate equipment such as garbage and roll-off trucks, skid-steer loaders, back-hoe tractors, earth movers, large loaders and much more. TIRETYTE is best utilized as a preventative maintenance product, although it can also be used for quick and reliable on-the-spot flat tire repairs. TIRETYTE remains fluid to provide lifelong protection for your fleet. Tiretyte works great... day after day, year after year... for the life of your tires. TIRETYTE is the worlds most advanced tire sealant formula, and has been preventing costly flat tires and downtime for over 30 years!  TIRETYTE works great... day after day, year after year...for the life of your tires.  We Guarantee it!


Features & Benefits

Seals Tread Area Punctures

Seals Rim & Bead Leaks    Prevents Costly Downtime Maintains Tire Air Pressure Increases Tire Life             Increases Fuel Economy             For Tube & Tubeless Tires     Quick, Safe & Easy to Use      Ready to Use & No Mixing       Water Soluble & Biodegradable    For On & Off Road Vehicles         For High & Low Speed Tires   Won’t Cause Tire Imbalance     Remains fluid in the tire         Won’t separate inside the tire Indefinite Shelf Life                Works for the life of the tire


At Tiretyte... we make sealants that work for the life of your tires... and we guarantee it!

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