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Tiretyte Tire Sealant Rated Best Heavy Duty Flat Tire Prevention


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The TIRETYTE tire sealant liquid is quick and easy to install from a squeeze bottle, or a five (5) gallon pail using our heavy duty hand injection pump. Tiretyte comes pre-mixed and is ready to use - no special mixing or shaking is needed. It only takes a couple of minutes to inject TIRETYTE into any tire through the valve stem.  TIRETYTE tire sealant remains liquid and coats the inside of the tire as the vehicle is driven and places a protective barrier in your tire to stop the porosity air leaks, as well as small rim and bead leaks. TIRETYTE tire sealant instantly repairs and prevents flat tires due to tread area punctures, while increasing tire life and fuel economy for the life of your tires. Costly downtime will be a thing of the past... Guaranteed!

Our single TIRETYTE tire sealant formula works in both tube and tubeless tires. It seals tread area punctures up to 1/4” inch in diameter in tubeless tires, and up to 3/4” diameter punctures in higher ply tires, and up to 1/8” inch diameter punctures in tube type tires. Tiretyte is effective for both on and off-road vehicles traveling at high and low speeds. TIRETYTE’s effective at preventing flats and costly downtime for high flat rate equipment, such as garbage and roll-off trucks, skid-steer loaders, back-hoe tractors, earth movers, large loaders and much more. It’s also great for preventing flats and downtime on cars, SUV’s, motorcycles, ATV’s, trucks, trailers, buses, bikes, wheelbarrows, golf carts, forklifts, RV’s and more.  Tiretyte is TPMS friendly and compatible with most Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors.

TIRETYTE is best utilized as a preventative maintenance solution. It is also very effective for quick and reliable on-the-spot flat repairs.  TIRETYTE remains fluid inside the tire, and It will not dry or ball up, or cause tire imbalance. And, Tiretyte will not rust or corrode wheels or harm tires.  Tiretyte works great... day after day, year after year... and for the life of your tires!

TIRETYTE’s been trusted and proven to prevent costly flat tires and downtime for over 40 years... and We Guarantee It!

How TIRETYTE Works!PRODUCT_INFO_Prevent_%26_Repair_Flat_Tires_With_Tiretyte_Tire_Sealant._Protect_All_Your_Tires_With_Tire_Sealant.html

Tiretyte Tire Sealant is proven and trusted for over 30 years is better than slime tire sealant slimetiresealant noflat  notubes no tubes slime ultraseal ultra-seal multiseal multi-seal flat attack true goo trugoo amerseal premasealtire napa caffelatex permaseal spare tire flat tire rideon ride-on score stans stan’s tubeless tire sealant tyre flat tyre flat free flatfree slime quick spare noflat flat attack true flatout flat out viking seal goo fix-a-flat fixaflat fix a flat quadboss bike doctor tire doctor tiredoctor victor preventaflat stop a flat stopaflat flat doctor flatdoctor permaseal perma seal perma-seal oko flatguard flat guard tire protector neverstop never stop monkey berryman berrymans no more flats flats no more  bell toro tech supply case ih torotiresealant  casetiresealant  prevent a flat lucasoil lucas oil offroad off road  no tubes  back hoe golf cart golfcart tyre sealant tyresealant bf goodrich, bfgoodrich general tire ipad case caterpillar cat bobcat skidsteer backhoe john deere loader flat free no tubes notubes viking seal amazon ebay craigslist yahoo bing apple microsoft mac iphone american sealants quadboss atv caffelatex tire seal tufo airttight extreme linseal tracnseal track n seal flatsnomore nomoreflats bike tire sealant flatout flat out superseal mountain bike tire bikeman trailglow smart tubes smart spairs tire inflatpr quick spare quick spair power sport spair goodyear michelin goodrich general firestone duraseal dura seal road service nascar indycar indy car score robby gordon baja1000 prevent flat tires sea otter classic seaotter trek specialized honda yamaha suzuki harley davidson motorcycle motor cycle mountain bike runflat run flat tire


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At Tiretyte... we make sealants that work for the life of your tires... and we guarantee it!

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Prevent & Repair Flat Tires With Tiretyte Tire Sealant. Protect All Your Tires With Tire Sealant


Seals Tread Area Punctures
Seals Rim & Bead Leaks
Prevents Costly Downtime
Maintains Tire Air Pressure
Increases Tire Life
Increases Fuel Economy
For Tube & Tubeless Tires
Quick and Easy to Use
Premixed-Ready to Install
Water Soluble - East Clean Up
Works On & Off Road
High & Low Speed Vehicles

High & Low Pressure
Won’t Cause Tire Imbalance
Remains fluid in the tire
Remains Homogenous

Non Hazardous
Indefinite Shelf Life
Works with most TPMS
Won’t rust or corrode wheels
Works for life of the tire!

Works Great on...

Cars, Trucks, RV’S Motorcycles, ATV’s,
SUV’s, Tractors, 
Trailers, Golf Carts,
Forklifts, Bicycles,
Riding Mowers,
Skid-Steer Loaders,
Back-Hoe Tractors,
Semi Trucks,
Mining Equipment, 
Earth Moving Equip.,
and much more!